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WHEELHOUSE Delivery offers savings to you on all delivery operations.  We aim to deliver quality service to you and your customers because representing your business is our priority. Allow us to tell you more about enhancing your delivery operations process.  Contact us today to get a free quote on last mile delivery for your business.

On-Demand Service for Flooring Materials

If you have delivery needs for flooring supplies and materials in the Philadelphia region, look no further!  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is your on-demand carrier.

We can handle a diverse selection of construction and building materials.  Our delivery scheduling is a simple online process, and WHEELHOUSE Delivery gets you a vehicle and driver to meet your schedule. 

No matter what part of the construction business you have - fabricator, distributor, supplier, or vendor – we want to be your partner.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery can save you money on all your delivery operations, and we promise to make your customers happy with our on-time deliveries.

From Manufacturer to job site  

WHEELHOUSE Delivery Handles it all

Did you know that your supply chain can be more efficient and effective with exemplary delivery service?  WHEELHOUSE Delivery handles every type of delivery from you to the job site.  We know how vital your on-demand and on-time deliveries can be as a manufacturer.   


We will pick up your shipment directly from the warehouse, and our drivers will get it straight to the customer.  We promise your supply chain shipments on-demand, on-time, and at an affordable price from point A to point B.


You can trust every driver we assign to pick up and deliver your loads.  Every driver is experienced, thoroughly vetted, fully insured, and put through our training before they get behind the wheel.  We expect our drivers to represent not only us but your business, as well.


We know that orders come in at different times.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is flexible and here when you need us, and that is our on-demand promise.  We get your order through our online scheduling system, we assign a driver to the right vehicle, and you can take a deep breath and relax.

WHEELHOUSE Delivery Makes On-Demand Deliveries easy

You can rest easy that our team can handle any shipment you have.  We know things happen on job sites, and single items may need to be delivered quickly.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery has a fleet of vehicles from small cars to big rigs and the right driver to go with each anywhere in the Philadelphia region.  You can count on us to be there for you 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 

No matter how large or small, our fleet can meet your needs.

The WheelHouse Difference


Skilled Drivers.

All WHEELHOUSE drivers are highly trained, insured, and have passed extensive background checks.

Comprehensive Fleet

We have transportation options for on-demand deliveries of all sizes from large to small.

Reliable and Insured

Rest assured that all transports are insured 100% and our drivers are available and reliable when you need us.

On-site. On Time. Every time.  

Hotshots, Scheduled and Daily routes - LTL and FTL Freight

There is no route schedule that WHEELHOUSE Delivery cannot handle for you.  Do you need hotshots, scheduled routes, dailies, LTL freight, and FTL freight deliveries?  No problem! Our drivers and fleet of vehicles are ready to roll to serve your needs. 


You choose the vehicle when you use the online scheduling program.  Need a bobtail? We’ve got one. Need a flatbed or semi? We’ve got that too. Only need a small delivery?  We’ve got small cars and delivery vans.  You select the right vehicle for your needs, and that’s what we send.  We keep it priced right – and that saves you money.

Are you ready to Sign With WHEELHOUSE Delivery?

We are ready to add you to our list of partners and become your go-to delivery operations team.  Give us a call to get your account set up.  Once complete, you can download the scheduling program.  From that point, you are scheduling deliveries as simple as 1-2-3.  


Go online, enter your pick-up and drop-off info, the time, and tell us what vehicle you’ll be needing.  We take it from there, and we assign the driver to that vehicle, and you will get tracking reports and a signed confirmation upon delivery.


WHEELHOUSE Delivery is here to make your life easy and affordable!  Call us today.