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WHEELHOUSE Delivery offers savings to you on all delivery operations.  We aim to deliver quality service to you and your customers because representing your business is our priority. Allow us to tell you more about enhancing your delivery operations process.  Contact us today to get a free quote on last mile delivery for your business.

Affordable Delivery for Roofing

Calling all roofing vendors and wholesalers!  WHEELHOUSE Delivery wants to partner with you!  We are the new go-to carrier for affordable delivery needs in the Philadelphia region. 

We know having a reliable and timely shipping service is essential for roofing contractors.  Weather and construction go hand-in-hand, so you need the response of an on-demand courier.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery can handle your building materials and supplies when and where you need them delivered.

You can trust that your shipment requests will get handled quickly and safely.  Our software program provides easy access for you to schedule your deliveries.  As soon as we receive your request, we assign the correct driver and vehicle to the project and get them to you when you want them.

The WHEELHOUSE Delivery fleet has the proper rig for every job you may have.  Our drivers are highly trained, fully insured, and well-vetted.  You can trust that we match the right driver to the right vehicle for every request.

No Matter the roofing material, we can haul it. 

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Deliveries

That’s right. We have the vehicles to handle all your construction deliveries, including underlayment and other supplies. From small deliveries of a container of roofing nails to complete orders of shingles, slate, and solar panels, WHEELHOUSE Delivery has you covered.  

You see, WHEELHOUSE Delivery is committed to guaranteeing on-demand shipment of your supplies and materials to your customers.  Our partnership with you is our priority.  We want you and your customers to be consistently satisfied with on-time and on-demand responses.

We make On-Demand Deliveries of ANy Size - Bulk or Small

Those final-mile deliveries can be a hassle for other services, but not WHEELHOUSE Delivery.  Our fleet includes vehicles to handle deliveries of any shape or size and get them delivered. Our pool of qualified drivers is ready to get your order, whether small or bulk, where it needs to be.


We know that our drivers are the best because we put them through rigorous training.  They are committed to providing you with optimum customer service.  They are eager to get your shipments safely to their destinations.  As your representatives, they work hard to maintain your good reputation, too.

No matter how large or small, our fleet can meet your needs.

The WheelHouse Difference


Skilled Drivers.

All WHEELHOUSE drivers are highly trained, insured, and have passed extensive background checks.

Comprehensive Fleet

We have transportation options for on-demand deliveries of all sizes from large to small.

Reliable and Insured

Rest assured that all transports are insured 100% and our drivers are available and reliable when you need us.

On-site. On Time. Every time.  

Hotshots, daily routes, and round robin delivery - LTL and FTL

You can rely on WHEELHOUSE Delivery to handle any type of route you send our way.  We are ready to take a hotshot, daily or scheduled route, or LTL and FTL freight shipment. Our easy online shipping schedule puts you in control.  You choose the pick-up,  drop-off,  time, and vehicle; we take it from there.


Our drivers update you throughout the process – from pick-up to drop-off and provide you with signature confirmation.  You never have to wonder about your shipment.  


You can request any vehicle from our fleet, whether a small car or van, bobtails, semi-truck, or flatbed.  We assign the right driver to each. 

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If you are ready to give us a chance to partner with you, we are prepared to get you on board.  Let’s get you signed up with an account, and you can start scheduling your deliveries throughout the Philadelphia region.


There is no time like the present!  Sign up with WHEELHOUSE Delivery today!