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WHEELHOUSE Delivery offers savings to you on all delivery operations.  We aim to deliver quality service to you and your customers because representing your business is our priority. Allow us to tell you more about enhancing your delivery operations process.  Contact us today to get a free quote on last mile delivery for your business.

Are you looking for a dependable lumber materials delivery service in the Philadelphia region?  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is your go-to courier for on-demand lumber materials delivery.

As a lumber supplier, distributor or wholesaler, you need to get your deliveries out efficiently and cost-effectively.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery can get the job done with any delivery project you have.

We have the resources to get your deliveries to your customers when and where you need the shipment.  Contact WHEELHOUSE Delivery to discuss your needs. We are ready to show you how we can handle any delivery.

On-site. On Time. Every time.  

Plywood, Trusses, and Bulk Freight Deliveries

WHEELHOUSE Delivery is ready to take care of any delivery you send our way.  We can handle trusses, oversized dimensional lumber, and bulk freight transport. We'll get it to the job site on demand and on time.


We pride ourselves on hiring drivers that are insured, highly trained, and vetted.  They can safely and soundly handle the jobs you need to be delivered. Quickly request a delivery online or by phone, and we'll take care of the rest.

On-Demand Deliveries of Any Size

We can get those last-mile deliveries done for you, from small orders to flatbed shipments of any size. We know final-mile deliveries can be frantic, but you can relax when you've got WHEELHOUSE Delivery as a partner. We have the right local driver to make sure those urgent, last-mile deliveries arrive on time. Our drivers get to you, pick up the delivery, and keep you posted with live tracking and notification updates until they arrive at their destination.


Not only will your last-mile delivery arrive intact, but our drivers will also send the picture proof and signature proof when it does. We work to bring you peace of mind and excellent service to your customers.

No matter how large or small, our fleet can meet your needs.

The WheelHouse Difference


Skilled Drivers.

All WHEELHOUSE drivers are highly trained, insured, and have passed extensive background checks.

Comprehensive Fleet

We have transportation options for on-demand deliveries of all sizes from large to small.

Reliable and Insured

Rest assured that all transports are insured 100% and our drivers are available and reliable when you need us.

On-site. On Time. Every time.  

Hotshots, Scheduled and Recurring Routes, LTL and FTL

If you need a hotshot, scheduled delivery, LTL, or FTL, WHEELHOUSE Delivery can handle any kind of route, too. We have a driver who can best finish the delivery on time.

You can even make WHEELHOUSE a partner with our regular daily routes. You provide the manifest, and our drivers will show up every day to get your lumber to all of your Philadelphia area customers. That is a no-hassle, no long-term commitment promise.  We provide drivers where and when you need them and give you an extremely affordable price.

Our fleet is large with about every type of vehicle you may need, and we're growing all the time. Whether you need a semi or a car, a bobtail, or a liftgate, WHEELHOUSE has you covered. 

You will never pay for a vehicle that's bigger than your job requires. Tell us what you need, and we'll make sure the correct driver is selected to take care of your lumber delivery. Need proof?  See the capabilities of our fleet below.

Become a WHEELHOUSE delivery Partner

We are ready to work with you anywhere in the Philadelphia region.  To begin, contact us to get your account set up.  Then, it's easy to start requesting your deliveries in just 4 simple steps.


  1. Enter the pick-up destination
  2. Enter the drop-off location
  3. Enter the vehicle you need
  4. Schedule a pick up time


We schedule the correct driver and vehicle, then send them to you at the right time. The driver will take your cargo to the drop-off location and send you a confirmation.  Easy for you and completed right by us.