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WHEELHOUSE Delivery offers savings to you on all delivery operations.  We aim to deliver quality service to you and your customers because representing your business is our priority. Allow us to tell you more about enhancing your delivery operations process.  Contact us today to get a free quote on last mile delivery for your business.

WHEELHOUSE Delivery is the Courier for Plumbing Distributors

Attention, Plumbing Distributors!  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is ready to handle all your on-demand, same-day shipping needs in the Philadelphia region.  And we can do it at affordable rates.  It doesn’t matter if you are a plumbing vendor, wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer.  You can count on WHEELHOUSE Delivery to partner with you for your delivery needs.  


How?  We have the most qualified drivers and a diverse fleet of vehicles to handle any delivery need you have.  We are ready to work with you from small parts to full loads to get your shipment to the customer on time.


On-site. On Time. Every time.  

All Freight, All Sizes, All Types

We have built a diverse fleet of vehicles at WHEELHOUSE Delivery to handle oversized freight, industrial pipes, municipal waterworks, and more.  We promise to get your materials safely to job sites on time, every time


Yes, we have drivers and vehicles to handle oversized freight transport, industrial material shipments, and extended-length pipes.  


It takes special drivers to handle the big jobs, and we have fully insured, vetted, and highly trained ours.  We want your customer service experience to be above exceptional, so we choose our drivers carefully.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery wants you to feel confident that your cargo is handled and delivered with the utmost care and safety.

Small Orders or Bulk Shipments - We are Here for You

If you are within the Philadelphia region and need that final-mile delivery, know that WHEELHOUSE can get it done.  From vans to big rigs, we have drivers and vehicles suited to your delivery needs.  We can get it there on-demand, on time.


We know last-mile deliveries put stress on your operations team.  As your partner, we take the worries away.  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is ready when you need us.


We pick up the order, get it to that job site, and provide your team with live tracking and delivery confirmations.  You can rely on WHEELHOUSE Delivery to provide worry-free results.

No matter how large or small, our fleet can meet your needs.

The WheelHouse Difference


Skilled Drivers.

All WHEELHOUSE drivers are highly trained, insured, and have passed extensive background checks.

Comprehensive Fleet

We have transportation options for on-demand deliveries of all sizes from large to small.

Reliable and Insured

Rest assured that all transports are insured 100% and our drivers are available and reliable when you need us.

On-site. On Time. Every time.  

Hotshots, Scheduled, and Expedited Routes, LTL and FTL

We’ve got it handled!  WHEELHOUSE Delivery is ready to run your hotshots, scheduled routes, daily routes, expedited routes, and freight deliveries.  From small to large, we can handle it all.  Do you need an LTL or FTL?  We’re here to meet your needs.


Consider making WHEELHOUSE Delivery a part of your delivery team.  We can handle daily routes for your supplies.  You provide the manifest, and we take the rest.  


Our fleet includes every vehicle from a small car that can deliver a few boxes to bobtails, semi-trucks, flatbeds, and box trucks.  No matter what type of vehicle and driver your shipment requires, we’ve got you covered.

Get Started with WHEELHOUSE Delivery

Becoming a partner with WHEELHOUSE Delivery is an easy process.  The first step is to open an account.  As soon as your account is open, you can begin scheduling deliveries – and we’ve made that easy, too.  Using our online scheduling system, you log in, indicate your pick-up and drop-off sites, the time, and the vehicle you require.  We take it from there to assign the best driver and vehicle for the job.  


We take the hassle out of scheduling.  Our driver and vehicle will show up, load up, and get your shipment to its destination.  Plus, you’ll have tracking confirmation of the load from your location to the delivery site.  


We are waiting for your call.  Let’s get those shipments delivered!